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The 5 coolest sharks in the WORLD!

The Blowfish
Hi Guys! The Blowfish here - the world’s only heavy metal marine biologist. Now you may already know me from the amazing Great Eggcase Hunt video I did with the cool peeps at the Shark Trust… What do you mean you didn’t see it?? Well you’d best get your fins in gear and look at it here!!

Right, now that you’re back from that, you’ll know that the Shark Trust is a bazzing* group of guys and girls who dedicate their lives to helping the most awesome fish in the sea (after me of course)! But what’s the Blowfish doing here? Well the Shark Trust folk were foolish enough to let me talk to you peeps out there about my love for all things finny. So what are we waiting for? LET’S DO THIS!

*Urban dictionary: the word you use when you are describing something so amazing that there is no word for it.

I am going to tell you about the top 5 coolest sharks IN THE WORLD!

© Charles Hood
#5 – OK, this first dude is a slow and silent winner, the second largest fish in the sea AND a UK regular. Give it up for the hometown wonder: the Basking Shark! The Basking Shark is native to our own waters, but what makes it so cool is its amazing feeding method. The Basking Shark is a filter feeder, which means it has special sieves over its gills that can pick up lots of tiny little food particles that live in the plankton (the soup of the sea). 

© Alex Mustard
#4 – A personal friend of the Blowfish and quite possibly the cutest shark around – put your fins together for the Epaulette Shark. At first glance it may not seem as amazing as some other sharks, but this reef specialist is a master of its environment. When the tide goes out and the reef pools become shallow and stagnant, the lack of oxygen makes fish and shrimp go slow and silly – easy prey for our sharky friend. The Epaulette Shark can survive and hunt in this low oxygen environment and moves through shallow waters by using its fins to ‘walk’.

© Alex Safonov
#3 – I know a good beard when I see one and the Tasselled Wobbegong is rocking a style that no one could argue with! Those highly branched fleshy extensions allow the wobbegong to blend perfectly into the reef where it waits to ambush prey. Oh, it’s a bit of a fisherman, too – by slowly waving its tail it can mimic a weak fish. This will attract prey in range of his large, fast bite.

© Sean Sequeira
#2 – The world’s most famous shark and one of the most iconic animals on the planet, in at number 2… the White Shark. The White Shark has to be super-quick and efficient to catch a nimble seal, which is no mean feat in the colder waters the shark inhabits. However, thanks to some amazing blood vessels, this species of shark has its own central heating, which means it can stay warmer than the water around it – this nifty bit of biology helps it make that all-important catch.

© Leolin Grower
#1 – This has to be the Zebra Shark! This superb critter starts life being stripy and ends up being spotty – you can’t go wrong with that kind of paint scheme. Zebra Sharks really are the coolest sharks around; they spend their days on the reef just chilling out on the sandy bottom or sitting snug in a reef crest. At night, it’s party time, as these versatile predators eat anything: crabs, shrimp and even deadly sea snakes could be on the menu!

What a star!

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